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No Friend of Mine (Stannis, Ned, Robert, Jon) by emynithilien for j_okay

Sapphires (Jaime/Brienne) by moderntrickster for yokai_drache

Another Winter (Catelyn, Ned, Rickon, Sansa, Jeor) by ladybird97 for hanna_kimmi

Goldminer (Tywin, Myrcella) by littleloonlost for oxfordsplice

The Long Night (Stannis/Davos, Melisandre) by shadowsfan for x_disturbed_x

let me show you a world that you’ve never seen (Theon/Robb) by fictionfangirl for di_jun

The Duty of the Night’s King (the Night’s King, the Others) by yokai_drache for minebyrights

we should just kiss like real people do (Sansa/Podrick) by leapylion3 for trebuchettully

Heart of a King (Robert, Stannis, Renly, Ned, Davos) by plaid_slytherin for emynithilien

Now Comes The Cold (Benjen, Jon) by crossingwinter for lilyofdiamonds

Missed Connections (Sansa, Stannis, Arya, Roose) by oxfordsplice for sarahblack

Imaginary (Jaime/Brienne) by trebuchettully for downlookingup

Would That I Had Killed You (Stannis/Davos) by minebyrights for vanaofthevalar

The History Of Us (Margaery/Sansa) by vitiate_me for mautadite

Dornish Hospitality (Bronn, Tyene, Jaime, Myrcella) by bastardofdorne for moderntrickster

The Prince's Son and the Novice (Alleras/Sam, Gilly/Sam, Leo Tyrell, Pate) by j_okay for cleromancy_fic

while night's black agents to their preys do rouse (Theon/Robb, Jaime/Brienne) by janie_tangerine for leapylion3

The ruin of my house (Victarion, Aeron, Euron, Asha) by housecreepy for linndechir

Black was the heart, black the liver, black the lungs (Mance/Jon, Mance/Qhorin) by originally for outboxed

Spirit of a Storm (Mya, Gendry, Edric, Bella, Bran) by lilyofdiamonds for littleloonlost

Wrong Time for Revenge (Arya, Grey Worm, Tyrion) by x_disturbed_x for watsonmycompass

And Sigh My Soul Away (Catelyn) by flyingharmony for ladybird97

Quiet Nights (Jon/Sam) by queensmoots for kittenguns

The voice of your eyes is deeper than all roses (Arya/Gendry) by downlookingup for crossingwinter

The Cost of Freedom (Stannis/Davos) by vanaofthevalar for plaid_slytherin

Dog Days and Summer Snows (Jon/Theon, Robb, Arya) by cleromancy_fic for queensmoots

Someone to Watch Over Me (Ned/Catelyn, Lysa) by sarahblack for flyingharmony

Stranger The Better (Jon/Sam/Ygritte/Gilly) by mautadite for fictionfangirl

the living sort in blood (Rodrik, Alannys, Gwynesse, Balon, Asha) by outboxed for housecreepy

The Pleasant Effects of Pedantry (Stannis/Davos) by j_okay for janie_tangerine

In The Godswood (Stannis/Jon) by linndechir for originally

a temporary insanity cured by marriage (Daenerys/Quentyn) by leapylion3 for bastardofdorne


Spin the bottle (Sansa/Margaery) by kittenguns for vitiate_me

“Oh, it would be so sweet, to see him once again” (Jon/Sansa) + Racing (Arya) by hanna_kimmi for rinstigator

Ginny, please listen to the class (Gilly/Sam) + The calm before the storm (Stannis/Davos) by di_jun for shadowsfan

Bittersteel: Blackfyre Rebellion by rinstigator for thinkatory

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