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26th Aug, 2017



Planning and a few changes - feedback welcome

For anyone who missed the last post: we have moved to Dreamwidth. Please join our community over there.

I'm currently planning a few changes to how the exchange is run and asking for feedback on this post. Anon comments are turned on, so you can let me know what you think even if you don't have a DW account.

24th Aug, 2017



We are moving to Dreamwidth!

First of all, my apologies for not updating this community for so long. I know I initially wanted to run a round in spring, but I needed a bit of a break. I am planning to get the next round up and running soon.

Second, though, due to a bunch of recent changes and Livejournal becoming more and more of a pain, I have decided to move the communtiy to Dreamwidth. I have turned on anonymous comments on DW for now, if you don't have an account. I have also imported all old posts, comments etc. to our new Dreamwdith community, and the old Livejournal community isn't going to be deleted (I mean, not from my side, who knows what Livejournal will get up to in the future). The only thing that won't work on DW are the old masterlists - they link to the Livejournal posts, obviously, not the new Dreamwidth posts, and I frankly do not have the time to re-do fifteen masterlists.

So if you plan on sticking around for the exchange, and you're on DW, please join the DW community.

Third, I want to make some changes to how the exchange is run. Update it a little, if you will, mostly because the current set-up is a lot of work for me and I don't really have that kind of time anymore. I will make a post about that in the next couple of days and I would very much appreciate feedback then.

9th Oct, 2016



That's it for round fifteen!

All fics for round fifteen have been posted. You can find the masterlist here. Please take the time to comment on fics you enjoyed. This goes especially for everyone who hasn't commented on their gift fic yet.

My apologies that posting took a bit longer than anticipated, there were a few late pinch-hits. A big thank you to netgirl_y2k and crossingwinter for helping out with pinch-hits at a very short notice, and of course thanks to everyone else who participated, wrote fic, and commented. I hope everyone enjoyed their gift. :)

If you repost your fic on AO3, you can add it to the got_exchange collection, if you like. I think next round will happen some time next spring; with Yuletide and other holiday exchanges coming up, I figure most of you will be kept busy enough until then anyway. Let me know if you have any suggestions or specific wishes for next time.



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11th Sep, 2016



Deadline today

The deadline for your finished fic is today. Unless we've agreed on an extension, you should send in your fic by tonight. If you need a few more days or if you won't be able to finish your fic at all, please let me know, don't just disappear on me.

Posting will start tomorrow with one fic per day. I'll switch to two once everyone, including potential pinch-hitters, has sent in their fic. As always, please take the time to comment on fics you've enjoyed, even if you weren't the recipient, or if you weren't signed up for the exchange. You are obviously expected to comment on the fic written for you.

You can crosspost your fic to AO3 and other sites after it has been posted here on the community. If you like, you can then add your fic to the got-exchange collection on AO3.

4th Sep, 2016



Check-in post; assignments due in one week

Sorry this post is so late, I wasn't home for most of the week. Please reply to this post to let me know whether you're still on track to finish your fic/art on time. The deadline is in one week, on Sunday, September 11th.

If you have to drop out of the exchange, please let me know now so I can find a pinch-hitter. If you don't reply to this post, you'll get an email from me in a few days. If you've already sent in your fic/art, you obviously don't have to check in again.

A few things to remember when you send your fic/art to me:

1) Include a header in the following format:
Warnings: (don't forget to warn for spoilers)
(Summary, if the prompt was rather vague)

2) Fics should ideally be sent in as text files (.txt). doc, docx and odt are also fine.

3) Fic writers: please include html coding for italics etc. Make sure your formatting works and that there is a BLANK LINE between every two paragraphs, i.e. that you hit enter twice after every paragraph, not just once. You have to do this manually. It is not enough to tell Word to leave a bigger space between paragraphs because that will not show up when your fic is copied & pasted on LJ. I know that should be obvious, but there's always someone who forgets about it and it makes fics pretty hard on the eyes.

4) Your fic should be beta read or at least spell-checked very thoroughly. If you don't know anyone who can beta for you, please contact someone from this list.

Thank you. If you have any problems or questions, please talk to me.

24th Jul, 2016



Assignments sent

I just sent out the assignments. Please make sure you have received an email from gotexchange[at]hotmail[dot]com. If you haven't, tell me right away. I hope everyone is okay with their assignment. Most of you will probably not like all of the prompts you've been assigned, but I did my best to give everyone at least two or three prompts with characters/pairings they like. Since there have been misunderstandings about this before: you only have to fill one prompt, not several.

If you have any questions about your prompts, please contact me, not your giftee. If you have to drop out for whatever reason, tell me as soon as possible so I can look for a pinch-hitter. Don't just disappear without a word.

We have 26 participants this time, so it's another not exactly huge round, which is why I would ask everyone again to try their best to meet the deadline (September 11th) and not finish their fic two weeks late. ;)

21st Jul, 2016



Sign-ups close tomorrow!

Sign-ups close tomorrow, so if you want to participate in this round of the exchange and haven't signed up yet, please remember to do so. As always, sign-ups remain open until I put a big red "Sign-ups are closed" on the sign-up post, which usually happens around noon-ish GMT on Saturday.

11th Jul, 2016



Beta readers for round fifteen

If you're willing to beta read for other writers, please fill in this form. And if you need a beta reader, don't be shy about contacting people from this list. They signed up because they want to help.

Beta sign-up:

Your name?
How can you be contacted?
What kinds of feedback can you give or not give? (spelling, grammar, style, characterisation etc.)
What kinds of fic (genres, characters, pairings) do you refuse to beta read?
Anything else?


Sign-ups for round fifteen

Sign-ups are open until Friday, July 22nd.
Sign-ups are closed.

The deadline for your completed fic/art is Sunday, September 11th.

- sign-ups will close on Friday, July 22nd
- assignments will be sent out on Sunday, July 24th
- obligatory check-in post on August 29th
- the deadline for your completed fic/art is Sunday, September 11th
- posting will start on Monday, September 12th

Please join and watch the community so you don't miss any updates, reminders, the check-in post etc. Sign up with an email address you check regularly.

READ the rules in the FAQ post before signing up.

If you have a tumblr, you can follow gotexchange.tumblr.com or track the tag #gotexchange so you don't miss any exchange updates.

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